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Ford Tuning - Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing.

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... A decompression plate is used-As well as a conventional head gasket to lower the compression ratio of a turbocharged engine or turbo / supercharged conversion (a 1.5mm thick decompression plate will lower the C.R. of an RS Turbo CVH to 7.4: 1 without compromising piston strength). Decomp plates for Zetec & ZVH turbo conversions are available, and for any other turbo conversion. Available in a variety of thicknesses, we can help calculate your compression ratio and supply exhaust manifold adaptor plates (e.g. RS Turbo manifold onto Zetec head ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

Rover v8,Ford Rs Turbo,Ford Rs Cosworth All Rs Fords,Bailey dump valves
... Interiors We carry a good range of interiors, what we have in stock can be found on their relevant pages i.e. Ford, Peugeot etc, Fun & Games Create A ride Drag Race Five Miles Turbo Accessories from BAILEY Motorsport and others DV36 / P Venturi piston dump valve, polished, for Escort RS Turbo series 1+2+many other cars-call with your car details. 115 DV36 / R Venturi piston dump valve, red, for Escort RS Turbo series 1+2+many other cars-call with ...
12 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... RACELINE COMPONENTS Forged Pistons Connecting Rods and Forged Pistons A range of high quality performance forged pistons are now available for the Duratec engine, from a standard pot piston through to a ightweight slipper design. To complement the range Raceline can also offer an H beam connecting rod that utlises an ARP heavy duty connecting rod bolt. Vendervell bearings will also be available for both the standard and after market performance connecting rods. Omega Forged Piston-Set 550.00 Arrow H Beam Connecting Rod-Set 700.00 Vanderval Bearing-Big End-Set TBA ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... save a lot of problems with seating valves. 4 Cylinder 12.00 6 Cylinder 16.00 8 Cylinder 20.00 Engine Balancing: All static and Dynamic Balancing is carried out on the premises. While-U-Wait service for 4-Cylinder Engines. For all V-type engine balancing, we require one complete piston con rod, bearing set, damper, flywheel, clutch and all relevant bolts. (1) Half balance-4 pistons and rods (top end ): 38.50 Half balance-6 pistons and rods (top end ): 58.00 Half balance-8 pistons and rods ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... 2.0 & 2.3 D-Power parts. (YD0223) Cosworth Race Inlet Cam (260+hp) (KK3279) d-Power Level 1 Kit-C170 2, 3l MTX (KK3281) d-Power Level 2 Kit-C170 2, 3l MTX (KK3460) Cosworth Forged Piston set 12-1 CR 2.3L NEW LINE! Subaru EJ25 (2.5L) Performance Cylinder Heads. See our complete cylinder head assembly that is in stock and ready to despatch! NEW LINE! BDG & BDD (BDA) Cylinder Head & Valve Train Components. See the complete ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... ), machining the chamber to the required volume can be regarded as the" correct" engineering solution. For example-a 2.0 litre ZVH conversion with chambers enlarged to 63cc will return a compression ratio of 8.0: 1 on a standard Mondeo bottom end without any piston modifications. The minimum amount of material will be removed from the chamber walls, but if a scrap head is available then exploratory machining is carried out to determine casting thickness (we have already done this with both 2WD & 4WD YB Cosworth heads). During machining ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... | CONTACT US PRODUCT SEARCH-Select One-Heritage Merchandise Performance Parts Pistons CATALOGUE PISTONS MERCHANDISE PERFORMANCE PARTS ENGINES HERITAGE PHOTO GALLERY REGISTER HERE Keep up to date by entering your details subscribing to our newsletter. Europe, Middle East & Africa Change to: Americas Customer Piston Specification Sheet In addition to this form please send a sample piston and pin, or supply drawing / sketch of piston requirements. About You. (* indicates required field) Name:*Telephone: Company:*Facsimile: Address:*Email:*Town / ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... James expanded his experiences further by working for an import firm where his job required him travelling to the Far East to conduct business affairs. The allure of the motorsport world sees James return to his old office at Cosworth where he is responsible for key accounts for piston sales and aftermarket products. reliability-innovation-performance-excellence ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... economy and service life with minimum emissions. Our products are designed using the latest parametric modelling technology, and designs are validated using Finite Element Analysis for stress distribution patterns. Flexibility is our watch word in manufacturing, offering both small and high volume batch sizes. Piston features: Diameter range: 40mm to 240mm Forged or cast aluminium Composite pistons-steel crown and forged aluminium skirt Variety of coatings Alfin inserts Cooling galleries 3D profiles Gudgeon pin hole profiles Bowl profiles Ring groove customisation reliability-innovation-performance-excellence ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... , oil, and filter, whether we fit the engine or you do. Note: All our work is carried out by our mechanics trained in Ford Engines only. All engines are built to the highest quality, whether they are standard or modified. Each Piston, each ring is carefully measured to fit each individual bore. On the crankshaft each journal and bearing is sized to fir exactly. This applies throughout the engine reconditioning cycle. ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... with" Ferriday Sealing Rings" (FSR's patent applied for ), and Bi-Metal Head Gaskets that require no annealing or pre-treatment Custom made Decompression Plates to lower CR, or restore over-skimmed heads. We will help with all the calculations required to ensure the correct results. Piston modifications Unleaded valve seat inserts 3 angle & custom valve seat profiles Bronze valve guide sleeves Accurate valve guide boring for thinwall guides Valve grinding, stem polishing & valve modifications Cam follower-bore machining (Ford Zetec to accept Vauxhall buckets etc) Chemical & bead-blast cleaning CNC custom-made inlet ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... , 299.00 $999.00 $999.00 $999.00 $117.58 $117.58 $117.58 $101.17 $101.17 $139.45 $139.45 $123.05 $123.05 $3, 499.00 $2, 925.00 $2, 800.00 New New New New New New New New New New Performance Piston Ring Sets For Cosworth Pistons Sug. Retail Code Cosworth Billet Crankshaft Sug. Retail Code New Cosworth Forged Connecting Rods by CARRILLO Sug. Retail Code $999.00 $859.00 $999.00 $859.00 $859.00 $859.00 $999.00 $859.00 $1, 494.00 $1, ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... block is chemically cleaned. Finally the block is repainted. Exchange Price 399.00+Vat ** If you are using a high lift camshaft such as a Kent234 or Piper285, the valve pockets in the pistons need to be deepened. We can machine and balance the piston to accept higher lift camshafts for the extra cost of 54.00. Please check with a member of our staff whether your particular camshaft requires the pistons machining. Exchange Price 450.00+Vat Full Engine: 1360cc-80hp 1700cc-110hp Blocks are bored and honed to use Hepolite+0.090" ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... race car 5 speed gear box 25cm ohc manifold 45 dcoe webers 45 dcoe 76 mm OHC manifold 2000 EX Accrolite pistons b BDA crank & steel rods Chambered race cross flow Chambered race cross flow B Caterham Crossflow 145HP s Crossflow block ass Crossflow block assembly Crossflow Accrolite piston Crossflow Omex ign only CVH block polished inside Crossflow block ass Lean burn head Race Crossflow inside Inside of race crossflow OHC Max 1 Omex ignition only OHC head and cam kit OMSYSw speed system Omex shift light kit Omex inj and ignition kit Robin hood 2 O Ring croosflow ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... most powerful. He also realised others would have a problem with pistons with 20, 000 revs on tap. So from the outset the strategy was to achieve the highest possible rpm but maintain reliability. Hitzinger had a secret weapon: Cosworth has a unique in-house piston forging process, the legacy of co-> BusinessF1 361 Insight Cosworth ’ s new V8 THE NEW ENGINE RULES HELP COSWORTH The restrictions imposed by the technical regulations provide Formula One engine manufacturers with little room for innovation. The maximum cylinder capacity is 2, 400cc. ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Racing and more Caterham Midlands Exclusive Caterham Seven centre servicing the middle and North of the UK / midlands Graduates Supergraduate and Megagraduate Racing Caterham Academy Fast growing site for Caterham Academy Racing Circuit Driver Monthly magazine dedicated to track days and club racing Piston Heads Independent Sports Car Magazine 7 up General Caterham News & Information The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) Supporting the UK Motorsport Industry Piper Cams Performance Camshafts and exhaust systems Minister-Power offer this service for your information only. We do not make any recommendations ...
2 Dec 2005  -  URL:

... !!) All items subject to VAT Back to top of page Rover K Series Engines / Parts New Std 1.8 Camshafts available-50-00 Per PairNew Std 1.8 Timing Belts-5-00 New Std 1.8 / 1.6 Oil Filter Assy 6-00 New Std 1.8 Crankshafts 250-00 New Std 1.8 Piston / Rod Assembly 50-00 New Std 1.8 Flywheels 25-00 New Std 1.8 Clutch Covers 25-00 Special Offer New Std 1.8 Clutch Discs 25-00 Special Offer All items subject to VAT Back to top of page Ford Zetec Engines / Parts One Formula Ford engine requiring rebuild 1500-SOLD Ford ...
1 Jan 2006  -  URL:

... in stock. If in doubt please call Mike on 01785 621710 or e-mail to mike Product Description Price Shop Degree wheel Alloy degree wheel, a lifetime tool clearly marked for easy camshaft installation. 200mm diameter, 1.0mm thick. 28.00 Ford Cosworth YB Hepolite piston set 24062+1.0mm oversize, complete set with gudgeon pins & circlips. 320.00 Ford Zetec Pluglead cover Can be machined with your logo. Includes capscrews, spacers & washer. 44.00 Vauxhall XE Pluglead cover Can be machined with your logo. 44.00 ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... / 1800 1158.00 68 Stage 3 2.0 OHC for your 1600 / 1800 1348.00 Exchange 1600 / 1800 E Max and Lean Burn Type Engines 1984-1988 Both of these engines are very different to the older OHC engines. They have a much longer stroke and smaller bore / piston configuration, allied with smaller valves in the cylinder head. There are also differences in carbuation and iginition systems. Pistons and other components for these engines are more expensive, so therefore add 60.00 to engine prices, as follows:-Standard Reconditioned Engine 589.00 Modified Stage ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... engine 119.00 11 Heavy Duty Valve Spring Set 12 Outright 26.00 With our engine 16.00 13 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads 14 Stage 1 163.00 15 Stage 2 206.00 16 Unleaded Head Conversion 17 Standard 187.00 18 Unleaded Head Conversion Stage 1 254.00 19 Engine Balancing 20 Half Balance (Piston / Rods) 38.00 21 Full Balance 77.00 22 Heavy Duty Clutches 23 Pressure Plate-until Sept 65 92.00 24 Driven Plate-until Sept 65 68.00 25 Pressure Plate-MK2 after Sept 65 65.00 26 Driven Plate-MK2 after Sept 65 45.00 27 Decking P.O.A. ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

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