Two short films showing in car camera footage of the handling characteristics of a 1997 Nissan Primera GT. The film was
shot in an area close to Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. The route rises from approx 20m above sea level to 900m.

The uphill section is more twisty (clips to come soon) the transfer section between uphill and downhill is more narrow but better
surfaced and has a lot of blind corners with tightening radius's as well as dips and humps (again clips coming soon). The downhill
section (clips below) is wider with varying surface and is mainly made up of third gear corners with excellent visibility.
Flick Flack Section

An open corner leading to a short straight which then leads into a raised deviation. The
deviation is a right left and then a left right.
Exit speed from the deviation is comprised as speed has to be lost for the following
downhill left hander. The following corner involves short shifting into third gear as it is a
little bit to quick for second gear meaning the speed on the next straight is compromised.
1.8MB right click screen on right and select Play in RealPlayer..
3rd Gear Sequence

Flowing corners, but each corners radius changes on the way round making it
important to keep control of the weight transfer.
2.6MB right click screen ion right and select play in RealPlayer.
For more information on the Nissan Primera check out or for more information on the SR20 engine used in the
Primera check out