Young Driver Car Insurance
Specialist Young Driver Car Insurance Brokers
Links to specialist young driver car insurance brokers in the UK. The following companies specialise in providing insurance for new & young drivers

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Specialist Young Driver Car Insurance Brokers

Adrain Flux

Direct Line

New Drivers Car Insurance

Specialist Young Driver Car Insurance Brokers

Adrain Flux
We know that the other insurers have got younger drivers all wrong, because drivers who love their cars take extra special care of them — and that means they're less likely to make a claim.

Direct Line
The trouble with being a young driver is that car insurance policies cost more than they will later in life – just when you want the fastest car on the planet in which to show off. You’ll realise after a moment’s thought that this is actually a good thing…

New Drivers Car Insurance
Trying to find the best and cheapest deals on young or new drivers car insurance online can be time consuming and very frustrating. This is where New Drivers Car Insurance can help.

Quoteline Direct
There are a number of practical steps that young drivers can take to reduce insurance premiums, such as completing the government approved Pass Plus certificate - which can save you as much as 30%, or taking out a six month 'starter policy' to help build up your no claims bonus. Even something as simple as investing in a steering lock can pay financial dividends.

Performance Direct
Performance Direct's success was built on providing cheap insurance for young drivers. So, if you're a young person looking for an affordable policy we could save you money on your car cover.

It's hard enough finding the money to buy a car - yet finding cheap car insurance can be even harder, especially as a young or recently qualified driver. No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to get the cost down.


Young Driver Car Insurance Information

AA - How you could cut the cost of your car insurance premium
If you are a young driver looking to insure your first car, you probably already know that young drivers face some of the highest car insurance premiums around. What you may not know, is that there are a few things you could do to bring down the cost of car insurance in your first years on the road.

First of all, you may ask why insurance premiums are so high for young drivers and cheaper for older drivers. A look at the road accident figures helps explain why insurers see young drivers as a greater risk than drivers with more experience.


MSN Cars - Car insurance for young drivers
The good news is that you’ve passed your test and are eager to get on the open-road and embrace the freedom that motoring can give you. The bad news is that statistically you’re at a high risk of having an accident; you have less experience of driving and decision making than other motorists. People in your age group – not you obviously! – can be impetuous and eager to show off – both of which tend to be enemies of road safety. Young drivers are disproportionately victim to theft, fire and vandalism.