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MX-5/Miata Performance Part Power Test
StrikeEngine Article - Mazda MX-5/Miata performance part power test based on information from Import Tuner magazine. November 2007 written by Scott Tsuneishi. The worlds most popular 2 seater cabrio has accumalted a somewhat "dodgy" image over the years but this is not the fault of the car. Maybe its the type of people that are seen driving them or maybe it's simply because its a convertible ergo it cannot be a serious drivers car. Those in the know acknowledge that the Mazda MX-5/Miata has one of the finest handling chassis ever made and if you can get past the "image" there is a real drivers car to be found. 
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MX-5/Miata Performance Part Power Test

MX-5 FD Background

The Mazda MX-5 is now in its third generation and it has been widley reported that the engineers of the new shape MX-5 have competlely lost the plot or have simply betrayed the roots that made the first vesrion such a special little car. Either way the MK3 MX-5 is a step forward both form a comfort point of view and from a straight line performance point of view. It has been said that the new MX-5 will do all the figures on the skid pan but what has really been lost is rewarding driving experience.

The performance parts here will in no way address the handling issues but what they will do is make the new 2 litre MX-5 go faster in a straight line

MX-5/Miata Performance Part Power Test.

Stage 1 - Prototype Tomei Cat back Exhaust System

Cat back exhaust systems rarely give a massive boost in power unless they are combined with a high flow sports cat, Tomei know this which is why they have thrown their knowledge at a downpipe back system with a high flow metallic sports cat to see what is achieveable with this relatively new model.

The quality of the Tomei is exhaust is fantastic, which given the companies reputation we would have been suprised at anything less. It can never be said enough that the quality of the standard exhaust systems fitted to todays cars are much better than those fitted even 5 years ago. This makes the job of the aftermarket exhaust manufacturer that much more difficult. With the new MX-5 Tomei have come up with the goods, their exhaust system shows consisitent gains throughout the rev range at gives a good boost at the top end of 5bhp

Peak Power Gain: +5bhp @ 6750rpm
Peak Torque Gain: +3lbs/ft @ 5100rpm

Stage 2 - Prototype Tomei Exhaust Manifold/Header

To complete the Tomei exhaust system a prototype version of their new MX-5 manifold header was installed. The factory header is a bitch to remove but the Tomei item goes on relatively easliy. The results? Solid power gains from tickover with the gains becoming gradually larger especially after 5000rpm where the power curve just keeps on climbing.

Peak Power Gain: +11bhp @ 7000rpm
Peak Torque Gain: 6lbs/ft @ 4750rpm

Stage 3 - Racing Beat Cold Air Intake

Usually one of the first modifications to be made to a car but for this test we left it until last. As is with all good cold air intakes the filter is located down behind the bumper to ensure a good flow of ambient temperature air. The filter for this kit was simply massive so seeing the difference between this and the original intake ducting was going to be interesting. Installing this kit requires the removal of the front bumper and the disconnecting of the MAF from the original pipe work and connecting to the new pipe joiner supplied in the kit. The results? To be honest a bit of a disappointment. There are gains throughout the rev range but they are barely noticeable. Given the size of the filter it will be well placed to take advantage of future modifcations.

Peak Power Gain: 2bhp @ 7000rpm
Peak Torque Gain: 2lbs/ft @ 5000rpm

MX-5/Miata Performance Part Power Test Conclusion

Exhausts systems now matter how good they are from the factory can always been improved upon as this test shows. And in this day an age improving engine power also means an increases in engine efficiency which means better fuel economy. Tomei have proved that their knowledge of the inner working of some of the worlds most reliable racing engines can be transferred to exhaust systems and how. +18bhp a 14% power increase.

Total gains
+18bhp @ 7000rpm
+11lbs/ft @ 5000rpm