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Motorsport Metal Suppliers - Manufacturers of high quality metals to the performance automotive and motorsport industry.

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Motorsport Metal Suppliers

Allegheny Technologies
Corus Engineering Steels
Del West Engineering
Electron Beam Processes
Osborn Tubes
Smiths High Performance
Tennant Metal and Technologie

Motorsport Metal Suppliers

Allegheny Technologies ltd, Birmingham, UK

Allegheny Technologies Ltd is the leading dedicated titanium supplier to the motorsports industry worldwide Its customer base covers all areas and levels of motorsport from Fl, WRC, MotoGP, Top Fuel drag racing through to weekend racers It holds extensive stocks of titanium bar, billet, plate, sheet, wire and tube including bar stock of steel alloys specific for motorsport applications Cutting to size and in house waterJet profiling available. Full' material trace ability and certification under its ISO900 1 quality systems is supplied with all products Total metallurgical and engineering support is available on site from Allegheny Technologies' experienced team of motorsports specialists. Titanium - Allegheny Technologies stocks it, sells it and races it.

Corus Engineering Steels, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

Corus Engineering Steels provides total supply chain management or delivery to basic IT service requirements It manufactures high performance VAR/ESR re-melted and standard single melted engineering steel bars for Autosport engines as well as transmissions and drive lines, steering and suspension systems. With a multi metal stock holding facility, offering 1 kg minimum quantities and materials technical expertise, Corus supports special component manufacturers and  race teams through new joint product developments. Additional engineering expertise In component design is also available from Corus Automotive

Del West Engineering CA, USA
Del West is the world's largest and most respected supplier of titanium valves and lightweight valve train components for motorsport racing, Its lightweight valve train components and pneumatic valve control systems are the key to sustained engine speeds approaching 20,000rpm. In series production applications, its  in the design and manufacture precision, lightweight components offers the same design flexibility, with benefits for both performance and emission management Del I-Jest maintaills research, design, and manufacturing facilities In the US and Switzerland, providing manufacturing, liaison and Support for its clients

Electron Beam Processes Ltd, Surrey, UK
Electron Beam Processes Ltd, founded in 1966, is Europe's leading Electron Beam welding specialist Relationships have been developed with at least 80 per cent of the Fl grid and a number of World Rally and Touring car teams. The company's expertise In this field has also assisted designers and product suppliers to develop components and systems into the very demanding autosport arena. To complement EBP Ltd's five EB welding machines, the company can also offer a service in conventional and mechanised TIG welding supported with its in-house non-destructive testing capability, which includes x-ray and helium leak testing.

Metalweb, Birmingham, UK
Metalweb is the UK's specialist automotive metals supplier providing a comprehensive service direct to the trade It has extensive stocks of aluminum in all alloys (including 2014,2618 and 7075) in many forms including plate, bar. sheet and extrusions. As part of the Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co. family of companies it has direct access to American specification material. Metalweb offers high quality cut to customers' requirements, with a fast response. It provides an on- time nationwide delivery service of high-quality products both for day to day requirements and long- term contracts. Metalweb has branches in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Oxford and Reliance has over 1 30 other locations around the world

Osborn Tubes C/o Osborn Metals Ltd, Bradford, UK
Manufacturer of precision alloy steel tube. Round, square, oval etc. Extruded and/or cold drawn profiles in alloy, carbon, stainless and titanium grades

Ovako Ltd, West Midlands, UK
Ovako produce technologically advanced steels that give a competitive edge in the highly stressed environment of motors port Ovako is a leading manufacturer of bearing steel and a major producer of special engineering steels Its advanced ladle metallurgy, with double vacuum refining, has enabled significant developments in internal cleanliness and high performance Materials produced to these new exacting standards, called OvaX, offer properties to meet the demand for high-performance components, which need fatigue strengths, combined with exception cleanliness. OvaX materials now rival traditional re-melted steels and are targeted at products that previously might have been supplied from re-melt routes

Smiths High Performance, Bedfordshire, UK
Smiths High Perfolmance is a leading stockholder of engineering materials to high technology Industries such as motorsport and aerospace. It stocks a wide variety of commercial and speciality alloys, and offers complete supply solutions illCluding full inventolY and logistics management Its customers are some of the biggest and best world class engineering cornpanles from civil aviation to Fl motorsport Smiths High Performance aims to maintain a relatively small customer base which allows it to work closely with its customers to achieve very high levels of service

Tennant Metal! and Technologie GmbH, Herne, Germany
Worldwide stockist and suppliers of special steels for the aerospace and motorsport industries. Tennant Metall stocks CrMo steels 25CrM04 (like 4130) and CrMoV steels 15COV6/17734 in the forms of tubes, sheets, bars and welding wire. It also supplies T45 as well as titanium and aluminium. The company ships products daily worldwide from its warehouse and supplies most major race and rally series