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F1 Betting 2008 - Betting Tips, Analysis & Predictions
F1 Betting 2008 - The StrikeEngine guide to the 2008 F1 season including our predictions and analysis of the seasons races. We try to take the guesswork out of F1 betting and help you get the inside track. Please bare in mind that we don't like going for the obvious drivers or teams. We are looking for the best value bets and our betting tips will reflect this.

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F1 Betting 2008 - Melbourne & Malaysia Analysis


Having got off to a good start with our Melbourne bets Malaysia was a big reality check. In Melbourne we had predicted Hamilton for the win and Heidfeld and Barrichelo for a podium finish. We nearly won all three bets had it not been for barrichelo getting a drive through penalty. Anyway not a bad start.

For Malaysia we again went for a Hamilton win and a Heidfeld podium finish but nether of these bets came to fruition. We don't believe this was down to any lack of pace from either driver, indeed Heidfeld recorded the fastest lap of the race. The long and the short of it was that traffic marred both drivers races considerably. Heidfeld's chances of a podium finish were effectively ended at the first corner when he attempted to go around the outside of the pack, this may have worked had it not been for trulli running wide and hitting Heidfeld leaving the inside open for many cars to pass.

Trulli would prove to be to be a mobile chicane for Heidfeld throughout the race.

Hamilton was not helped by his 5 place penalty on the starting grid and given the closeness in pace of the cars in front of him, he was never able to attack the race. This could be a sign of things to come this season. Times are extremely close and it could be that the qualifying position and quality of the start is going to be crucial to a drivers chance during the race.

Although the Ferraris appeared to be completely dominant in the race, we don't believe they were truly pushed, so in our opinion this year they are the second best team to McLaren and slightly ahead of BMW.

Honda was one of our hot tips for this years championship given Ross Braun is now the team's principle but given his comments pre season, which we only heard after the first race, that they would be focusing on 2009, we don't believe they will be the force we initially thought.

F1 Betting 2008 - Bahrain - Early Pre Race Analysis


For Bahrain - Bahrain is a faster circuit than Malaysia in average lap speed, and both Malaysia and Bahrain have some quick corners. Malaysia slightly played into the hands of BMW but we believe Bahrain even more so. We still believe Hamilton will be a shoo-in for the win but BMW are going to be getting themselves in amongst the Ferraris and Kovalienen.

For pole position we are going to go for Massa for pole, he has a good record there in qualifying. Given how good grid position effected the results in the last race we can see teams going for an out an out qualifying position so potentially the BMWs are in with a chance of front row positions, they certainly don't want a re run of Malaysia where their qualifying position ruined the race of Heidfeld. For the race, again we believe the BMWs will be a force, so primarily we will be going for Heidfeld for a podium and Kubica for a podium and again Hamilton for the win. Points finishers? its hard to get good odds on this type of bet if your looking for a long shot we would go for Fisichella.