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Performance Suspension Kit -Links to Manufacturers and Dealers. High Performance Suspension for Fast Road, Track Day and Motorsport. Uprated Suspension Kits and Lowered Suspension from Biot, Spax, Koni, TEIN, H&R, Eibach, LEDA supplied by Demon Tweeks, Motorsport World, Euro Car Parts, Street and Circuit. A Performance suspension kit can transform normal cars and make every car reach its full potential. At the basic end of the spectrum springs alone can improve the looks and handling but using these springs with a set of uprated dampers can really pay dividends with little reduction in ride comfort but much less body roll and improved stability making the car safer and faster. For the total solution, coil over suspension kits allow the driver to set up the car to suit his or her driving style exactly.

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Performance Suspension Kits

Company Details We've listed as many models as is feasible if your model is not listed please visit the manufacturers website for the full application lists.

We're Top Company
WAT Co. was established in Taichung, Taiwan, 1998, starting as a distributor for Sard, a Japanese brand. We specialized in the production of parts and components for performance cars and also make D2's racing cars. Our products include: Suspension, Intake Manifold, Rear Camber Adjuster Upper Arm, Tension & Adjuster Rod, Turbo(TD05H-16G,18G,20G, EVO3.8), Exhaust Manifold, Brake Pads, Waste Gate, etc. All of them have been tested by our own professional car racing team to ensure high quality and reliability.

* We accept orders of special requirements and manufacture parts and components according to your unique specifications (photos, drawings, images¡Ketc.) as long as we are given exact size and images.
* You name it, we make it.

universal air
japanese air bag suspension manufacturer. subaru impreza

coil over suspension kit manufacturer. All the usual performance japanese cars covered including the subaru impreza

japanese performance suspension kit manufacturer making coil over suspension for the jdm. site contains prices. car covered include the subaru impreza

sports and compact cars
adjustable suspension trouble shooting guide/set up guide.

nice steering wheel adapter. tilts steering wheel up for easy access. for race use really but look the biz

kw                   uk supplier - motorsportworld
coil over suspension kit manufacturer. Application include Subaru Impreza WRX, Impreza STI,

ast suspension
German performance suspension kit manufacturer whose know how has been developed through motorsport. subaru impreza

silk road
Japanese performance suspension kits for subaru impreza. A new brand but starting to make a name for itself.

GAZ                    uk supplier - absolutely shocks, auto shocks

Smithees Race Car Technology
Technical article covering suspension

Bilstein                    uk dealer - euro car parts
Massive range of fixed rate and adjustable suspension kits including applications for the subaru impreza

Apex                     supplier - not specified

Sports spring and performance kit manufacturer based in Holland.
Cars covered include the
Subaru Impreza

Eibach                    uk dealer - power engineering

A world famous manufacturer of high performance coil springs. Eibach is rated as among one of the best performing suspension component manufacturers and its products are TUV approved.
Cars covered include the
Subaru Impreza

H and R                    supplier/dealer: uk - motorsportworld. greece - street and circuit

A relatively new name in coil over suspension but their spring range is the exclusive choice of all teams in the DTM. The company also supplies coil springs kits with a good coverage of applications for most european models with the products being manufactured in Germany.
Car covered include the
Subaru Impreza

Koni                    gb dealer - amber performance

One of the most famous shock absorber and performance suspension kit manufacturers in Europe. Koni is famous for its adjustable shock absorbers. Koni products can been seen in the motorsport arena as well as in the modifying seen. Koni is highly respected in both circles for offering high performance and reliability. Subaru Impreza

Leda                    gb supplier - leda

A highly respected manufacturer of race spec suspension kits which are manufactured in the UK. Includes kits with remote reservoir technology. Gone through a rough time of late but now back to full strength - Subaru Impreza

Spax                    gb supplier - pro sport

A British manufacturer of Coil Springs and shock absorbers. The company has been reinvented in recent years and its performance suspension kits, which includes coil over kits, are now TUV approved.
Cars Covered:
Subaru Impreza

Tein                    supplier/dealer: uk - option motorsport. Greece - street and circuit

Primarily a coil over suspension kit manufacturer based in Japan. The company makes coil over suspension kits from street use to specific drift spec. Its performance suspension kits and products are heavily advertised in Japanese performance magazines.
Car covered:
Subaru Impreza

Ohlins                    uk supplier - aurok
A legendary name in the world of motorsport.  
Car Makes covered:
Subaru Impreza