NA Supra Engine Conversion
NA Supra Engine Conversion by Thor Racing
There is an interesting article in this months issue of Japanese Performance magazine here in the UK. It involves the N/A Toyota Supra MK4 with a Lexus 4.0Litre V8 engine conversion. This conversion has been pioneered by Thor Racing who are based in Warwickshire. Thor Racing offer it as a complete turn key installation with an Auto box for approx 3,000 Pounds or with a manual transmission for 6,000 pounds.


There are a number of benefits to this conversion, the first of which is that the engine can be mounted further back in the chassis for better weight distribution and the second being the sound track! However its not possible to get around the fact that even after this conversion the engine still does not produce the standard power output of the turbo Toyota Supra. Although this is clearly a proffesional conversion I cant help wondering if the time would not be better spent developing a turbo, or even better, a supercharger conversion for the N/A Toyota Supra, especially when you take into consideration the cost of the V8 conversion. Given that there are a number of high quality centrifugal superchargers on the market at the moment from the likes of Rotrex, Vortech and Procharger (to name just a few) the potential power output using the chargers would probably be greater than the V8 conversion not to mention being more straightforward and probably cheaper. Given the big price differences between the Turbo and the N/A Toyota Supras I cant help thinking an off the shelf supercharger kit for the N/A Toyota Supra would be a massive success.


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