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... 2.5L) Pr. Subaru WRX EJ20 (2.0L) Pr. Nissan VQ35 (3.5L) Pr. Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 (2.0L) BMW MINI Cooper / Cooper S (1.6L) BMW MINI Cooper / Cooper S (1.6L) (standard size valve) Ford Duratec (2.0 / 2.3L) Mazda MZR (2.0 / 2.3L) Honda K20 Subaru WRX STI EJ25 (2.5L) 99.5mm Subaru WRX STI EJ25 (2.5L) 99.75mm Subaru WRX STI EJ25 (2.5L) Subaru WRX EJ20 (2.0L) Subaru WRX EJ20 (2.0L ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Introduction to our Ford / Mazda Duratec Engine Range Minister-Power have built high performance FORD based engines for thirty years, therefore high performance versions of FORD's global DURATEC engine was a natural evolution. Having evaluated the 2.0 Litre version in Summer 2001, Minister-Power discovered the engine had a 2.3 derivative; minimal external differences gave an ideal basis for a range of engines using common ancillaries.The 2.0 Litre and 2.3 Litre versions are from the same global engine family that incorporates the latest technology from FORD / MAZDA e.g. the block casting uses similar methods ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Ford / Mazda Duratec Questions? Q1 What types of car does the Minister Duratec engine fit into? Q2 Has a Minister Duratec engine been race proven yet? Q3 Does it have a Cable or Hydraulically operated Clutch? Q4 Does the cooling system need to be bled? Q5 When fitting a new or rebuilt engine should the oil system be cleaned? Q6 How often should the oil level be checked? Q7 Does the oil level need to be checked more frequently if used on track? Q8 Does the oil / filter need ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Ford-Mazda Duratec Range The Minister-Power range of Duratec I4 engines are a result of over three years research and development.They are available in Ford and Mazda format. Minister Racing Engines can offer conversions for 2.0L and 2.3L versions. In addition to the considerable Dynamometer development time the engines have been successfully proved on the race track, both in sprint, and long distance races. Engines specifications can be made SVA compliant. Download Duratec brochure in PDF format 253KB requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Home Introduction to our Duratec Range Mega-Torque 2.3 Litre Super-Torque ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Minister-Power can offer a complete installation service, for the Duratec engine, into a Caterham Car, e.g. if the customer supplies a suitable car, built to rolling chassis stage, less engine we will fit the engine of their choice. An example of cost for this service is detailed below. Dry Sump Engine Fitting Kit, includes parts ** Price 2, 300-00+VAT Labour to fit Kit ** Price 972-00+VAT Wet Sump Engine Fitting Kit, includes parts*Price 1, 860-00+VAT Labour to fit Kit ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL: _service.htm

... " 250bhp Specifications: Maximum Power is 250 bhp @8, 000 rpm Maximum Torque is 180lbs.ft. at 6, 500 rpm Price from 8500+VAT Parts included in" List of Features ", except number (1) List of Features included: Latest Ford Duratec Engines – 2.0 Litre Cylinder Head machining (1) All Alloy construction Engine Management System Fuel and Ignition Map High Quality Engine Loom Roller Barrel Induction System High Lift Camshafts (5) Steel Con Rods (2) Forged Pistons (3) Fuel Pressure Regulator High Performance ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Hi-Torque Performance: 215 BHP-190 lbs.ft Torque 2.3 Litre Hi-Torque Engine Hi-Torque Specifications: Maximum Power is 215 bhp @6, 900 rpm Maximum Torque is 190lbs.ft. at 4, 800 rpm Price 5, 995+VAT Download Duratec brochure in PDF format 253KB requires Adobe Acrobat Reader See where your engine will be built click on Factory Tour !!! List of Features included: Latest Ford Duratec Engines – 2.3 Litre All Alloy construction Engine Management System Fuel and Ignition Map High Quality Engine Loom Roller Barrel Induction System High Lift Camshafts Fuel ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Super-Torque Performance: 250 BHP-200 lbs.ft. Torque 2.3 Litre Super-Torque Engine Super-Torque Specifications: Maximum Power is 250 bhp @7, 400 rpm Maximum Torque is 200lbs.ft. at 5, 900rpm Price 8, 378+VAT Download Duratec brochure in PDF format 253KB requires Adobe Acrobat Reader See where your engine will be built click on Factory Tour !!! List of Features included: Latest Ford Duratec Engines – 2.3 Litre All Alloy construction Engine Management System Fuel and Ignition Map High Quality Engine Loom Roller Barrel Induction System High Lift Camshafts Steel ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... Mega-Torque Performance: 270BHP-210+lbs.ft. Torque 2.3 Litre Mega-Torque Engine Mega-Torque Specifications: Maximum Power is 270bhp @7, 500 rpm Maximum Torque is 210+lbs.ft. at 6, 000 rpm Price 9, 272+VAT Download Duratec brochure in PDF format 253KB requires Adobe Acrobat Reader See where your engine will be built click on Factory Tour !!! List of Features included: Latest Ford Duratec Engines – 2.3 Litre Cylinder Head machining All Alloy construction Engine Management System Fuel and Ignition Map High Quality Engine Loom Roller Barrel Induction ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

Minister Racing Engines aka Minister Power, specialise in performance tuning of racing car engines. Our range include Rover K series for Caterham and Lotus Elise, Exige & 340R & Toyota power for Lotus. Ford / Mazda Duratec engines for Caterham and others. Ford Zetec in formula and Fiesta car...
... To assist our Caterham Superlight / C400 customers we have recently added: Frequently Asked Questions And Advice About The Superlight / C400 Engine? & C400 Engine Data Page LATEST MINISTER-POWER DURATEC VICTORIES Following the success in the 2004 Birkett 6 Hour race, with David Knox and Clive Richards, 2005 saw a repeat of the victory with Graham Booth being part of the winning team of this classic event. Their success came using a Minister-Power Duratec 2.3 litre Super Torque engine, in a Caterham. Also, in South Africa, James Forbes and ...
3 Jan 2007  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... Seven CSR. The latest evolution of the world-famous Caterham Seven model, the CSR, was launched in central London last week. At the launch, it was announced that Cosworths Production Engines department has developed and will build and supply two variants of the 2.3-litre Ford Duratec four cylinder engine for the new model, a 200bhp road-going version and a 260bhp race engine. The Caterham Seven CSR marks the return of the iconic Cosworth brand to the word of ultra-high performance road cars, an area it has been absent from for almost a decade ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Pages for each individual engine type with recommended running temperatures, pressures etc. Ford / Mazda Duratec Engines Caterham CSR260 (Cosworth) View Caterham Superlight / C400 Race (Cosworth) View Super-Torque Duratec View Hi-Torque Duratec View Pro-Torque Duratec View MG Rover K Series Engines Caterham Superlight R500 View Caterham Superlight R400 View Caterham Roadsport A (EU2 & EU3) View Caterham Roadsport (EU3) View Caterham Roadsport B (EU3) View Caterham Super Graduate View Caterham Mega Graduate View Caterham Academy View Caterham Supersport 1.4 View Caterham Minister 160 Sport View Caterham ...
10 Mar 2006  -  URL:

... More Ford Power-use the links provided in the bottom frame to navigate this section (click here for large view) Raceline is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of components and engine kits to suit the new Ford Duratec. Already heralded by those fortunate enough to get hold of early units, the Duratec-R offers near perfect dimensions and characteristics for performance applications. With standard capacity sizes of 1.8, 2.0 and 2.3 litres and an aluminium block as standard, it is widely regarded that this engine could be the most important performance ...
6 Oct 2004  -  URL:

... PRESS RELEASE STUNNING DEBUT FOR MINISTER-POWER FORD DURATEC SUPERTORQUE ENGINE AT MAGNY COURS, FRANCE 2nd November 2003. The latest evolution of the Minister-Power Ford Duratec engine, known as the Super Torque, had a successful debut in a 6-hour race at Magny Cours. The engine was fitted in a Colards Motorsport prepared Caterham, and driven by Clive Richards and Nigel Taylor, who won their class and overall. The engine had only 15 installation laps at Silverstone before qualifying in France. Clive, driving the first stint of the event, was ...
18 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... SPORTS 2000 PRO SERIES CHOOSE FORD DURATEC Duratec engines have been specified as the series engine for the prestigious Sports 2000 Pro series to replace the long running Pinto unit. Along with many other top series and competitors Sports 2000 recognise the suitability of the Ford Duratec for this application. Power Torque Racing can supply new engines from stock, jut send an email using the contact form or the link below to obtain latest prices. sales HOME I IN-LINE ENGINES I V ENGINES I CUSTOM PARTS I PERFORMANCE PARTS I GALLERY I SHOP ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Introduction to our Duratec Engine Range Mega-Torque 2.3 Litre Super-Torque 2.3 Litre Hi-Torque 2.3 Litre 2.0 Litre Duratec Range Duratec Components Fitting Service Other New Engines ...
5 Jun 2006  -  URL:

Cosworth - Performance engineering solutions.
... PRODUCT SEARCH-Select One-Heritage Merchandise Performance Parts Pistons CATALOGUE PISTONS MERCHANDISE PERFORMANCE PARTS ENGINES HERITAGE PHOTO GALLERY REGISTER HERE Keep up to date by entering your details subscribing to our newsletter. Europe, Middle East & Africa Change to: Americas Press Releases Cosworth Releases Duratec High Performance Rod Bearings 14.08.05 We are pleased to announce the availability of our exclusive high performance connecting rod bearing for the 2.3L Duratec engine. These long awaited parts feature Tri-metal construction as used in F1 engines and are ideal for any application. Additionally, we also have ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... WE HAVE A SELECTION OF CARS FOR SALE If you want to advertise your Sports or High Performance Car here please e-mail details to info This car is now sold! ORIGINAL MINISTER DURATEC POWERED CATERHAM Based on R500 Car Minister-Power Duratec Hi-Torque Engine Car built by Minister-Power FIA Roll Bar Full Weather Equipped Stack Dash Triple Pass Radiator Complete Service History Never Raced As featured in numerous magazine articles Mileage 2, 247 QUOTES: Circuit Driver-" Certainly the power available to launch you out of corners and then up through the 6 speed ...
24 Nov 2005  -  URL:

... Brochure | Duratec-R Engine Kits | Duratec Components | Duratec Ford Components | Installation Components ...
28 Apr 2005  -  URL:

... is usually around 90deg C ), but you must be sure that there are no engine management implications (i.e. any temperature sensors that read manifold coolant temperature). It's worth noting that none of the current" favourite" engines, YB Cosworth, Zetec, Duratec etc have any water flowing from the head into the manifold, and race engines will never have heated manifolds. Engines with plastic inlet manifolds are not affected in the same way, though most modified engines discard these in favour of cast alloy. To achieve proper results ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

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