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Ford Tuning - Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing.

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... THERMAL INLET GASKETS & THERMAL EXHAUST PLATES. Heat management is an area that is often ignored during engine modification. Power & heat go together-neither is available without the other, and although some heat is needed (the engine must reach & maintain it's full working temperature ), waste heat must be carefully controlled. In the same way that excess heat from brake discs must be evacuated by means of cooling fins & ducting, exhaust heat must also be removed. Most of this heat is carried through the exhaust system & lost ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... ENGINE COMPONENTS Exhausts RACELINE 4 INTO 1 EXHAUST SYSTEM (click here for large view) RACELINE REPACKABLE SILENCER (click here for large view) RACELINE CAT REPLACEMENT PIPE (click here for large view) RACELINE MKII SILENCER (click here for large view) Racelines Performance Engineered exhaust system for the Elise has been described as a work of art, and who are we to disagree? There are many competing systems on the market, and there is no denying many of them are considerably cheaper than our offering. Look carefully, and ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... INSTALLATION COMPONENTS 4 into 1 Exhaust System In order to function correctly and provide genuine performance gains, any performance exhaust system must have optimised pipe lengths and diameters, smooth even radii at all bends, and carefully blended joints (especially at the all-important 4-into-1 collector) in order to maximise gas flow. For appearance's sake and in the interests of durability, the welds should be smooth and even. Needless to say, any good quality exhaust system should be manufactured in stainless steel for longevity. Raceline's Performance Engineered exhaust system for the ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

4. dir14
... -Specially selected camshaft. New cam followers. Timing Wheel: New-Fibre type with matched Crank and Balance Wheels. Oil Pump: New-Drive and drive shaft. Plus all new seals and gaskets. Tappet Settings: 0.013" Inlet, 0.22" Exhaust. PRICE: 844.00 V4 STAGE 2 Cylinder Block:" Late Type" Surface ground for maximum compression. Choice of overbore:+30,+40,+60. Cylinder Head: Fully gas flowed with larger ports, with matched springs and larger inlet valves ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... TO TUNING-use the links provided in the bottom frame to navigate this section Raceline Cars is pleased to offer to the discerning Lotus Elise driver a range of tuning packages, based on the original and acclaimed Raceline 150 kit. This comprises a stainless steel tuned-length exhaust manifold and system (retaining the standard catalytic converter ), complete with silencer; a pair of high performance camshafts; modified high-flow air filter housing with high performance filter element; special 'Raceline ' branded cam cover insert; and a specially-developed electronic control unit (ecu, or ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... device. Lead in petrol served two purposes. Firstly it reduced the temperature of the combustion allowing the use of a relatively high compression ratio. This leads to good burning of the mixture and in consequence an efficient engine. It also reduced the temperature of the exhaust valves and seats. The inlet side is cooled by the in coming charge of petrol. The second purpose equally important was that the lead lubricated the valves and valve seats eliminating any chance of seizure. Without the lead in petrol you therefore have two problems. The ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... ENGINE TUNING KITS 111S TUNING KIT 111S TUNING KIT (click here for large view) The Raceline Performance Engineered air box and Pipercross filter, along with the Raceline stainless steel exhaust system, has proven to be a devastatingly effective upgrade for the 111S, which, dare we suggest, has been a disappointment to some owners. The complex VVChead adds a great deal of cost and complication for little real performance gain it seems. However the addition of the Raceline Performance Engineered air box and exhaust system seems to unlock the hidden potential ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q-Why do engines need modification to run on Unleaded? A-Lead that is added during the 4 Star manufacturing process acts as a high temperature lubricant, and stops the hot exhaust valve micro-welding itself to its" soft" cast iron valve seat. The exhaust valve may operate at over 700 degrees C, and 75 %of it's cooling is by transferring heat to its valve seat. The fitting of a hard exhaust valve seat and the use of a suitable exhaust valve stops this micro-welding process. ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... ********************************** ********************* Friday, March 15, 1996 All rivals chased Ron Drag racer Ron Bartlett is tuning up for the new season during which his exhaust is going to glow brighter than ever. Or the exhaust of a sleek new motor will certainly be searing. Probably hotter than it was last year when the Warwick hod-roadster roared to a national championship triumph. Four wins and two seconds in the ten-race series clinched the High Power Catchit Cars Euro-Challenge street level crown for Ron, and the award for the best overall performance by a car ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... MANIFOLD ADAPTORS (Inlet & Exhaust) If you want to use a different inlet or exhaust manifold on your engine, then these plates will allow easy fitment. The following items are on file and available within a couple of days, but most combinations can be catered for. Just find an easily available turbo exhaust manifold from an engine that has similar port shapes & spacing, send us both manifold gaskets, and we'll make a plate that will get you halfway towards a turbo conversion without the need for a custom manifold. ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Zetec ZVH Frazer Nash Sidevalve Gough 4 cyl twin supercharged Hillman 1725 Holbay Honda B16 B18 D16Z2 (2 versions) D15Z NS125 Hyundai G4F Lada 1500 Lotus 2.2 Turbo Meadows 4 cylinder Mercedes Benz 103.983 300e MG XPAG-( Also see Rover) Misc. Citroen Saxo exhaust manifold Ford CVH exhaust manifold Ford X / Flow exhaust manifold Cosworth YB inlet manifold & throttle body Jensen 6.3 exhaust manifold Nissan 200 exhaust manifold T3 / T34 etc turbo gasket Mitsubishi 4G93 4G15 Monkey Bike Single cylinder, variety of bore sizes Nissan CR10DE Micra 16 valve 1.0 ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... RACELINE COMPONENTS Exhaust Systems Exhaust and Engine Mounts suitable for Caterham Seven installation Raceline can offer a 4-into-2-into-1, tuned length, stainless steel exhaust system with standard or re-packable silencers and engine mount set to suit the Caterham Seven. Further side exit exhaust systems are under development for other applications. Silicone water hose kits and plumbing are also available from stock. Please phone for further details or any other installation requirements. BACK ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

13. Stag
... STAG SPECIFICATION & PARTS LIST Tuned V6 Engine includes modified Weber Carburettor, distributor and leads, engine mounts, suitable spark plugs, fan belt, power steering belt, all coolant hoses and clips, inlet manifolds, large bore tubular exhaust plate, modified flywheel (modified torque plate automatic). Removal of old engine, fitting and tuning above. Stage 1: 3, 619.00 Plus VAT Stage 2: 3, 773.00 Plus VAT Stage 3: 4, 246.00 Plus VAT Stage 4: 4, 834.00 Plus VAT All dependant ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... clutch kit (see individual product descriptions for full details). Full fitting instructions are provided with all Performance Engineered components, so installation is simple.. Naturally, Raceline offers a full fitting kit for installing a Zetec in the Seven, including a stainless steel exhaust system that could truly be described as a work of art. Because we have designed our Zetec installation to match, as nearly as practicable, the Crossflow installation, the exhaust emerges through the existing hole, slightly enlarged, in the Caterham body side. Indeed, ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... MITSUBISHI PRODUCT FOCUS-EXHAUSTS EV75 Exhaust System EV75 Twin-Dump Downpipe Magnex Full Exhaust System Blitz CAT-back Exhaust System Scorpion CAT-back Exhaust System Magnex De-CAT Pipe Rear Bumper Heatshield Don't forget nearly all our products can be ordered online through our Online Shop! EV75 EXHAUST SYSTEMS The biggest single problem with Japanese systems is that they rely on removing the catalyst to improve flow and power. They are also often huge and reduce ground clearance. The EV75 system features a unique front downpipe which has a twin pipe outlet directly from the turbo. This is ...
14 Mar 2006  -  URL:

... other ways. THE PROBLEM Most older engines were not designed to run on unleaded fuel, especially those with cast iron cylinder heads. Such heads will generally have a valve seat that is simply a machined part of the iron casting, so every time the hot exhaust valve closes it will try to micro-weld itself to the soft iron seat, eventually causing the seat to wear away. Once valve seat recession starts it rapidly progresses, compression and tappet clearances will reduce, with poor running, loss of power and increased fuel consumption being ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Clutch Slave Cylinder Clutch Master Cylinder Clutch Master Cylinder Clevis and Link Clevis and Link Aeroquip Hose Aeroquip Hose Unions, Banjo Bolts, Clevis Pin, Copper Washers Unions, Banjo Bolts, Clevis Pin, Copper Washers Bell Housing Fixing Cap Heads Bell Housing Fixing Cap Heads Exhaust – Primary Pipes, Collector and Silencer Exhaust – Primary Pipes, Collector and Silencer Nuts, Bolts, Clamps, etc. Nuts, Bolts, Clamps, etc. Pair of Engine Mounts Pair of Engine Mounts Silicone Water Hose Kit, Hose Clips Silicone Water Hose Kit ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL: _service.htm

... 190 / 200 cylinder head / manifold work 375.00 RACELINE 220 cylinder head / manifold work 395.00 Cylinder head large follower machining 275.00 Cylinder head spark plug modification 75.00 RACELINE 250 cylinder head / manifold work full race 1100.00 Inlet valve (standard 32mm) 1800cc or 2000cc 4.04 Exhaust valve (standard 28mm) 1800cc or 2000cc 8.96 Valve spring 130ps 1800cc or 2000cc 0.76 Valve spring retainer 0.48 Valve stem seal standard 0.95 RACELINE inlet valve large 33.5mm 17.00 RACELINE exhaust valve large 30mm 17.00 RACELINE heavy duty valve spring set 120.00 RACELINE valve stem seal 0.96 RACELINE ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... insert-each 4.00 Valve seat inserting-Not including cost of insert Light car-each 16.50 Commercial-each 21.50 Exchange (or your own head) Reconditioned and / or Modified: Fully reconditioned standard heads from 88.50 Modified Gas Flowed Heads: All inlet, exhaust ports and combustion chambers gas flowed and polished. Also refaced to raise compression ratio. Note: SV = Standard Valves; LI = Larger Inlet; LEI = Larger Exhaust / Inlet Engine Type: Stage 1-Stage 2-Stage 3-Deposit All Pre X ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... 2 625.00 17 Modified Stage 3 767.50 18 Engine Balancing 19 Half Balance (Pistons / Rods) 37.00 20 Half Balance (Crank and Flywheel etc) 37.00 21 Clutches 22 Standard 177.50 23 Heavy Duty P.O.A. 24 Engine Fitting 157.50 25 Air Filters 51.50 26 Performance Exhaust Systems 27 Exhaust Systems P.O.A. 28 Exhaust Manifolds P.O.A. 29 Performance Braking Systems 30 Performance Braking System Kit P.O.A. 31 Performance Braking System Kit-Fitted P.O.A. 32 Suspension Systems 33 Suspension Systems P.O.A. 34 Suspension Systems-Fitting P.O.A. 35 Radiator Testing 17.00 ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

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