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Ford Tuning - Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing.

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For those that wish to carry out that winter engine service at home, or are preparing for the new race season, a kit of parts specific to your engine is available here.
... winter engine service at home or are preparing for the new race season, a kit of parts specific to your engine is available here. The Engine Service Kits do not include oil. Check out our support pages for recommended oil grades. How is your Air Filter looking? Most of our air filters are washable and can be retreated, but after a while they can deteriorate and may get holes in the material. To add an air filter to the Kit. See prices below. Air Filter Prices Roller Barrel Induction 82.50 Caterham ...
24 Feb 2006  -  URL:

... standard engine, and producing simple, cost-effective solutions to overcome those weaknesses. One of the fundamental limitations of the Rover K -series 1.8i engine, as fitted to the Lotus Elise, is the relatively small bore and convoluted shape of the pipe upstream of the air filter, which severely restricts airflow. Raceline's Performance Engineered modified air box eliminates this restriction, as by doubling the bore of the pipe the surface area is increased four-fold, allowing a huge increase in airflow. This alone is sufficient to increase power output by some 3-5bhp when ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... RACELINE COMPONENTS Oil Filter Housing Oil Filter Housing Spin On Oil filter Housing The spin on oil filter housing replaces the cartridge type standard filter and allows much greater chassis clearance. Large range of filters can be used with the housing or an oil cooler sandwich block. Incorporates 2 oil pressure take-offs. Manufactured from LM25 grade aluminium. Aluminium Oil Filter Housing (with oil press take-off) 75.00 BACK ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... be bled? Q5 When fitting a new or rebuilt engine should the oil system be cleaned? Q6 How often should the oil level be checked? Q7 Does the oil level need to be checked more frequently if used on track? Q8 Does the oil / filter need to be changed more frequently if on track? Q9 Is there any particular oil I should use? Q10 What is the required minimum oil temperature? Q11 What is the required maximum oil temperature? Q12 What is the required minimum water temperature? Q13 What is ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... . 2 x 7mm Spanners 3. 1 x 2mm Allen key 4. 1 x 2.5mm Allen key 5. Digital Ohmmeter 6. Air flow meter (Not required for basic settings) Primary / Static Adjustments Carry out these tests with engine off. Remove air filter or cowling from air filter system ensuring that all fixings are away from the engine and not stored in any filter or cowling parts. Replace your air filter at the earliest point after these procedures are complete. Idle (Static) Loosen locknut and adjust Idle Screw 1 ...
6 Sep 2004  -  URL:

... ENGINE TUNING KITS 111S TUNING KIT 111S TUNING KIT (click here for large view) The Raceline Performance Engineered air box and Pipercross filter, along with the Raceline stainless steel exhaust system, has proven to be a devastatingly effective upgrade for the 111S, which, dare we suggest, has been a disappointment to some owners. The complex VVChead adds a great deal of cost and complication for little real performance gain it seems. However the addition of the Raceline Performance Engineered air box and exhaust system seems to unlock the hidden potential ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... Bar / 80 psi Maximum Power at 7800 rpm Oil Pressure Minimum 4 Bar / 60 psi Maximum Torque at 6100 rpm Oil Temperature Maximum 100 C Rev Limiter set to 8000 rpm Oil Temperature Minimum 50 C Oil Grade / Viscosity 05W50 to 15W50 Data Logging Parameters Oil Filter Number (Unipart) GFE 280 Minimum rpm to Start Logging 2000 rpm Coolant Temperature 75 C 5 C Set Shift Light to 7800 rpm Antifreeze / Inhibitor content minimum 50 %Set Low Oil Pressure Warning to 2.8 Bar / 40 psi Oil Temp. Warning (Max) ...
10 Mar 2006  -  URL:

... Parts Throttle body kit inc 2 x throttle body, fuel rail and throttle pot mounting kit (42 or 45mm) 375.00 Injection stud 1.25 Throttle potentiometer 37.50 Cosworth injector blue 65.00 Cosworth injector green 65.00 Ram pipe 45mm 13.00 Ram pipe 90mm 17.00 K & N air filter Caterham style 45.00 Foam air filter JPE type Lumenition throttle bodies 65.00 Throttle linkage top mounted single cable 70.00 Adjustable fuel pressure regulator 42.50 ECU module (fuel & ignition) 495.00 Wiring loom (fuel & ignition) 210.00 Barometric pressure sender 60.00 Air temperature sender 29.00 Water temperature ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... the mid-range, and around 30 bhp once the turbo had come into effect, and was mapped to use regular unleaded petrol (95 RON) at the request of the owner. The car was fitted with an aftermarket exhaust front pipe and rear box plus air filter during both dyno runs. The second graph shows the effectiveness of the Phase One ECU upgrade on a WRX STi IV. Again, the broken line shows the power and torque without the ECU upgrade, the solid line with the upgrade. The car was fitted with ...
26 Aug 2003  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... SUBARU PRODUCT FOCUS-ENGINE POWER PACKS Engine Management Upgrade Air Filters-K & N Panel Filter Air Filters-K & N 57i Induction Kit Air Filters-Blitz SUS Intake System Air Filters-POWER Induction Kit Silicone Hose Sets-Samco Hoses Tuning Accessories-Magnecor HT Lead Set Tuning Accessories-PFR7B Spark Plugs Tuning Accessories-Bailey Dump Valve Kit Tuning Accessories-Forge Dump Valve Tuning Accessories-Blitz Blow-Off Valve Alloy Products-Water Header Tank Alloy Products-Washer Tank Speed De-Limiter Don't forget nearly all our products can be ...
20 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... original equipment internal oil pump. Additionally, pump mounting brackets are available to allow mounting in various positions. RACELINE wet sump kit-cast aluminium high clearance sump with race specification baffling, cooling fins, alternator mounting bosses, integral oil pick up with removable finger filter. Holds the 5 litre oil capacity required for the Zetec. The ultimate wet sump assembly 359.00 RACELINE dry sump kit-three-stage pump (twin scavenge / single pressure) includes Raceline cast dry sump pan, three-stage pump, mounting plate, special Formula Ford type oil ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

12. dir14
... for full specifications. Giving month, year, present engine size / type, gearbox, auto / manual and type of vehicle. Carburettors, Inlet Manifolds and Air Filters With any modified engine it is advisable to fit a modified Carburettor, Inlet Manifold and Air Filter. This allows the engine to breathe, so making use of the extra power. Inlet Manifold: Capri 2, 000 GT type 86.00 Carburettor: Modified Weber P.O.A. Air Filter: Various Types Available P.O.A. Tuftriding This is a treatment used in competition cars for ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... Elise driver a range of tuning packages, based on the original and acclaimed Raceline 150 kit. This comprises a stainless steel tuned-length exhaust manifold and system (retaining the standard catalytic converter ), complete with silencer; a pair of high performance camshafts; modified high-flow air filter housing with high performance filter element; special 'Raceline ' branded cam cover insert; and a specially-developed electronic control unit (ecu, or 'black box) and ancillaries, which is unique to Raceline Cars, and allows the full potential of the engine to be unleashed. ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... 2 litre Vauxhall Caterham 7 240 bhp 2 litre Vauxhall Caterham 7 built on JPE chassis. Not a JPE but VERY similar specification. Apple (bag) green with coloured dials and can cover insert, carbon wings, nosecone, headlamp shells, dash and air filter backing plate. 1st owner JONATHAN PALMER in 1993. He specified JPE features as he was involved in the development of the JPE that went into the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds fastest accelerating production car, driven by Jonathan Palmer – of course! 2nd owner ...
9 Mar 2006  -  URL:

... our CVH Engine. The standard engine produces 90hp in XR3 spec '. Our unit offers a substantial increase in power without any loss of torque. The spec ' of the engine tested was per our normal unit, plus a rejetted Weber and K & N Filter. Peak Power 109hp at 5800 rpm [Standard engine 90hp at 5400 rpm] CO 1 %at Idle speed of 700 rpm This engine used Our Lead Free Maxilow 1 Head This is the same engine as above but in injection form. It offer a substantial increase ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... springs 96-00 16 Valve spring caps 55-00 1 Pair fast road camshafts 360-00 1 Lightweight flywheel (for 8" organic clutch) 235-00 1 Performance clutch disc (organic) and clutch cover 180-50 1 Set Hi-load flywheel bolt set 45-00 1 Set forged pistons 525-00 1 Air filter including back plate 75-00 1 Aluminium bell-housing (suitable for hydraulic clutch) 295-00 1 Roller barrel manifold system 995-00 1 Exhaust system 4 into 1 including collector and silencer 985-00 1 Clutch slave cylinder 122-00 1 Aluminium oil filter adaptor 75-00 1 Dry sump tank 135-00 1 Lightweight Alternator ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... of Kit Cars. Golden Rules for Carburettors and Ram Pipes Carburettors must not be over tightened on the inlet manifold. This causes frothing. The end of the ram pipes must have at least 30mm clearance before any obstruction, either from the vehicle or the air filter. For instance twin 40dcoes fitted with the standard ram pipes [38mm in length] must be fitted with air filters with an overall depth of at least 68mm, i.e. K & N filter No 56.9265. This DAX Cobra will accept our 2.8V6 engines, Rover ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... Exchange Price FROM 1699.00 [1996.32 inc Vat] Clutch Kit if required 99.00 [116.32 inc Vat] Twin 40 DCOE kit 695.00 [816.62 inc Vat] K & N Air Filters for Webers From 90.00 [105.75 inc Vat] K & N Replacement Panel Air Filter for Injection Engines 47.00 [55.232 inc Vat] High Performance 1900cc Units Power outputs: Injection engines 141hp & 145 LB. TURBO SPEC 220 hp & 220LB Fully built engines using long stroke cranks and oversize pistons. These pistons feature controlled rate expansion for low emissions and ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... MITSUBISHI PRODUCT FOCUS-ENGINE EcuTek ECU Tuning EVO Power Packs Air Filters-Blitz Induction Kit Air Filters-Blitz Panel Filter Silicone Hose Sets-Turbo Hoses Silicone Hose Sets-Coolant Hoses Tuning Accessories-Exhaust Manifold Heatshield Tuning Accessories-Bailey Dump Valve Tuning Accessories-High-Pressure Radiator Cap Tuning Accessories-Engine Bay Bolt Kit Tuning Accessories-Powerflex Engine Mount Kit Alloy Products-Water Header Tank Alloy Products-Power Steering Tank Alloy Products-WRC Group A Dump Valve Alloy Products-High-Flow Inlet Pipe Alloy Products-Fuse / Relay ...
14 Mar 2006  -  URL:

Rover v8,Ford Rs Turbo,Ford Rs Cosworth All Rs Fords,Bailey dump valves
... Interiors We carry a good range of interiors, what we have in stock can be found on their relevant pages i.e. Ford, Peugeot etc, Fun & Games Create A ride Drag Race Five Miles Air Filters Bolt On Filters Weber DCOE bolt on small oval filter, 2.5" deep, 120mm / 4.5 / 8" tall by 183mm / 7.1 / 8" wide. Pt. no. 56-9104. Fits with most twin DCOE set ups. 49.95 Weber DFT XR2 MK1+Early MK2 up to 1986 pt. no. ...
7 Sep 2004  -  URL:

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