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Ford Tuning - Links to Specialist Ford Tuners in the UK offering performance upgrades, engine rebuilds and builds, repairs and servicing.

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... • Compact 60 degree V-6 lightweight cast iron crankcase • Chain driven camshaft • Lightweight four bearing crankshaft with concave faces and double counterweights • Aluminium cylinder heads • Maintenance free hydraulic tappets • Electronic breaker – less ignition system • EEC V engine management system • Standard power 203 hp @5000 rpm tuned powers over 356 hp • Standard torque 339 Nm @3000 rpm For a technical specification on this engine Click Here <Go Back To V-Engines HOME I IN-LINE ENGINES I V ENGINES I CUSTOM PARTS I PERFORMANCE PARTS I GALLERY I SHOP I ...
22 Feb 2005  -  URL:

... fully modified Big Valve head, Twin 45 DCOE, s and our Vulcan cams, VZ001. Using the combination of the Big Valves and relatively mild cams this engine remains surprisingly tractable. It uses the normal hydraulic cam followers and comes with a fully mapped Weber Management System. Outright purchase 4450.00+Vat 195hp Engine. This engine has been designed for both road and competition use. Comes with 48DCOE, s and our Vulcan VZ002 camshafts. On this unit we use mechanical cam followers. The reduced weights of these allow the engine ...
14 Apr 2006  -  URL:

... Home News V6 24v Cosworth Engine Our Services Price List Engine Conversions V6 24V Engine Parts Transmission and Suspension Aftermarket Parts Specialist Parts Company Info Contact Us Associates Aftermarket Parts Prices Under Review Management systems, chips and tuneable ECUs Prices Under Review Can't see what you're looking for? Contact Us. All prices exclude VAT at current rate. Errors and omissions excepted. ...
22 Aug 2006  -  URL:

... Specialist Parts Company Info Contact Us Associates Price List Engine Conversions Engine conversions, turbocharger, supercharger. V6 24V Engine Parts Pistons, cams, fuel rails, gaskets. Transmission and Suspension Clutch kits, coilovers. Aftermarket Parts Silicone hose kits, air filters, engine management systems. Specialist Parts Injectors, sensors. Can't see what you're looking for? We carry a large range of aftermarket parts, 24v new and used parts, so just contact us and tell us what you need. ...
27 Mar 2006  -  URL:

... too common feature of modern road conditions-the Raceline-tuned Elise can be 'trickled ' along in first gear with little or no throttle, which even the standard car with its mild cams and relatively modest specific power output can not always achieve on its Rover-developed MEMS engine management system, despite the best efforts of Rover's army of designers and engineers. And because the Raceline-developed ecu allows the perfect control of fuel and sparks necessary for efficient combustion, any Raceline-tuned Elise will easily pass the dreaded MOT emissions test, so long as the catalytic converter ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... ENGINE COMPONENTS ECU Module (click here for large view) Very early in the development of our range of tuning kits for the Lotus Elise, we realised the limitations of the standard Rover MEMS engine management electronic control unit (ecu). Our prototype 150 kit first ran with the Rover MEMS ecu, but it was never completely satisfactory; the throttle response was poor, and at many points in the rev range the fuelling was incorrect. However our desire to change the calibration of the ecu was thwarted, as Rover, ...
21 Jun 2003  -  URL:

... a Caterham car. The EU3 engine is the later version and has a plastic Sparkplug Cover which covers one side of the cam cover and also contains the Ignition Coils. The EU2 has its coil normally mounted on the side of the cylinder block. The engine management systems are not interchangeable. The internal specification of the two types of engine are not that different, the differences being mainly to accommodate the later engine management system. Back to top Q3 Why is my engine sealed up with wire and numbered tags? A The seals ...
22 May 2005  -  URL:

... Maximum Power: 250 bhp @8, 400rpm Maximum Torque: 175 lbs .ft. @7000 rpm List of Features included: Bespoke Steel Crankshaft Bespoke Forged Pistons Forged Steel Con Rods Special Liners Modified Block Gas Flowing Roller Barrel Bespoke Valves Highly Modify Cylinder Head Bespoke management system programme, featuring unique Fuel / Ignition maps COST EXAMPLE Dependant on condition of donor parts this conversion will be from 10, 750+VAT R500 TO R101 Minister-Power's policy is to continually research and develop their products, which has produced even more performance from the stunning ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

... 8, 400rpm Maximum Torque: 175 lbs .ft. @7000 rpm List of Features included: Bespoke Steel Crankshaft Bespoke Forged Pistons Forged Steel Con Rods Special Liners Modified Block Roller Barrel Manifold assembly Bespoke Valves Highly Modify Cylinder Head, featuring Gas Flowing and Porting Bespoke management system, featuring unique Fuel / Ignition maps COST EXAMPLE THIS WILL DEPEND ON HOW MUCH IS USABLE FROM THE DONOR ENGINE P.O.A. 230 SPORT This 1.8 version of the K series engine has successfully competed in the British GT meetings. 230 Sport Specifications: Maximum Power is ...
22 Jun 2005  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... SUBARU PRODUCT FOCUS-ENGINE POWER PACKS Engine Management Upgrade Air Filters-K & N Panel Filter Air Filters-K & N 57i Induction Kit Air Filters-Blitz SUS Intake System Air Filters-POWER Induction Kit Silicone Hose Sets-Samco Hoses Tuning Accessories-Magnecor HT Lead Set Tuning Accessories-PFR7B Spark Plugs Tuning Accessories-Bailey Dump Valve Kit Tuning Accessories-Forge Dump Valve Tuning Accessories-Blitz Blow-Off Valve Alloy Products-Water Header Tank Alloy Products-Washer Tank Speed De-Limiter Don't forget nearly all our products can be ...
20 Nov 2006  -  URL:

16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... 2 for 1300 / 1400-Fitted 1503.00 57 1.9+Stage 1 for 1300 / 1400-2329.00 59 34DMTR Carburettor / Not XR3 (Outright Buy) 342.00 60 Carburettor XR3 Only-249.00 61 Number Plates-Per Pair 22.00 62 Important Advice on Modified Engine Management Systems Also on Modified Turbos etc. 1.9+BLOCK ASSEMBLY based on the new American 82mm block, overbored within Ford tolerances, including Crankshaft, Con-Rods, Oversize Pistons and Oil Pump. Modified to accept" European" Cylinder Head, Sump etc. 1308.00 plus VAT ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... inlet side of the engine (i.e: the inlet manifold, throttle body and settings). 42 Weber Alpha System with Throttle Bodies This includes 2 x Alpha throttle bodies. JR air filters. Throttle linkage system. Inlet manifold and fitting kit. Alpha engine management system. Fitting instructions and setting procedure. With the 1.8 version it is known to boost the power to 155 BHP on the 130 BHP version, it also boosts the 2.0 version from 128 BHP to 165 BHP. These kits release the performance potential of the production ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

... engine be used without an air filter? Q19 Does the throttle cable need adjusting? Q20 What is the MAX RPM of my engine? Q1 What is a 5AS Unit and where is it? A The 5AS Unit is part of the Rover K series Engine Management System. It is a Rover part and is configured with your ECU to work as a security (anti theft) device. The ECU and 5AS Unit are security coded as a pair and so must be kept together. The 5AS Unit is often confused for the ...
7 Jan 2005  -  URL:

Power Engineering UK - high performance tuning, specialists in Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford, services include 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling roads, engine building, servicing, engine mapping, custom ECU programming and online parts shop.
... Power Packs to offer you the maximum power and performance upgrade for the minimum outlay. EVO 5 / 6 Blitz Induction Kit De-CAT Pipe Magnex CAT-back System EcuTek Re-mapped ECU Price: Please call for details As part of this Power Pack, the car's engine management is remapped using EcuTek software resulting in impressive performance gains when combined with the included performance exhaust and Blitz Induction Kit. You can expect a total power output of 330bhp / 300lbft. The Magnex CAT-back System and Magnex De-CAT Pipe are made of high quality stainless steel, ...
14 Mar 2006  -  URL:

PJ Motorsport are one of the country's leading Ford RS specialists, renowned for big BHP Cosworth conversions, performance stores, hard to find used Cosworth and RS500 parts and now engines built and dyno'ed in house.
... Code Item Price Quantity 611 3dr Cosworth Workshop Manual in Ring Binder 44.99 (inc. VAT) 606 Escort RS Turbo (S1 & S2) Workshop Manual 14.99 (inc. VAT) 603 Ford Cosworth Workshop Manual 64.99 (inc. VAT) 605 RS Turbo Management System Test manual 9.99 (inc. VAT) 609 RS500 Workshop Manual 29.99 (inc. VAT) 835 The Story of the Sierra Cosworth 12.99 (inc. VAT) 752 Turbo / RS / Cosworth Keyrings 4.50 (inc. VAT) Pages 1 Return to Homepage ...
16 Nov 2006  -  URL:

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