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Supercharger Kits - Supercharger Manufacturers


Rotrex   uk dealer - gmc motorsport - TTS Performance

ProCharger    uk supplier - autocraft salisbury

Jackson Racing    uk supplier - abbey motorsport

Turbo Technics    uk dealer - turbo technics

Vortech       uk dealer - ns racing

VF Engineering   uk dealer - ns racing

Comptech     uk dealer - ns racing


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Supercharger Kits - Supercharger Manufacturers

For 35 years we have been on the leading edge of the engineering and manufacturing of high performance products. BEGi™ is the oldest Turbo Kit maker in the USA. From our line of rising rate fuel pressure regulators to our industry standard turbocharger and supercharger systems, BEGi™ can give you the performance you're looking for with the engineering expertise you demand.

BEGi designs, manufactures, sells, installs, and tunes turbo systems for the Mazda Miata. We also offer many aftermarket performance parts for the Miata, including exhaust systems, clutches, and a complete line of aftermarket gauges. BEGi also offers performance part for the MazdaSpeed Miata and MazdaSpeed3. We are the only Miata turbo kit maker with the ability to customize parts and offer a wide range of turbo and supercharger systems. We have turbo kits for the budget minded to the hard core racer who demand the ultimate in reliability and performance.

Rotrex                   uk dealer - gmc motorsport -    TTS Performance
Centrifugal supercharger system similar to that of procharger. The rotex website only highlights a very small number of supercharger kits and these tend to be available in certain countries. It appears that the supercharger is small and light enough to be customised for most applications, although this would increase installation time and costs over pre prepared kits. Rotrex seem to supply a lot of their products to the OEM. Good technical information on site including Kolstrup guide as to whether an engine is suitable for supercharging, this takes into consideration bore stroke ratio, compression ratio of engine and boost levels expected. After taking these factors into consideration it is possible to judge whether an engine is suitable for a rotrex supercharger conversion. Kits are available as either as "bolt on" or diy. The diy kits contain the supercharger itself hoses and pipes, valves and by pass systems and ems. Bolt on kits are available for some applications and are available from the respective dealer that developed the kit. Site also contains names of companies who use Rotrex superchargers for their engine upgrades, these include Active Autowerke, HKS, Hartge, Novitec and BMW.

ProCharger                    uk supplier - autocraft salisbury
Manufacturer of centrifugal supercharger kits based in the USA. Similar to Rotrex but ProCharger have a much greater list of bolt on kits which can be seen on their website, although these kits are focused towards American and Japanese cars. Typical install time is listed as 8-10 hours, the same as Rotrex kits. Procharger superchargers utilise their own oils supply so there is no need to tap into a vehicles existing oil supply although the supercharger oil requires changing every 8000 miles due to its specialist construction. Procharger claim their kits can deliver, on average a 50-85% gain ii horsepower and torque, although this may well need to be backed up by a stronger  clutch and almost certainly bigger brakes! Application list includes kits for the Ford Focus and Ford Mustang, Hummer, Pontiac, Corvette and sport compact cars such as the Honda Civic and Acura Integra. A UK Japanese Car Magazine claimed that there is a universal kit available which can be adapted to fit most vehicles which I tend to believe. The UK Importer dealer  quoted a price in the region of 3500 to 4000 pounds for a complete kit including installation and rolling road set up with a universal kit priced at approx 4000 pounds all in, in essence drive in, drive out. SVEs demo car a Honda Civic produced approx 140hp before the conversion and 260 (if my memory serves me correctly!) hp after, with the journalists saying that the power delivery was completely linear. Kits are complete with all required components for the conversion. Site contains PDF of all kits and components.

Jackson Racing                    uk supplier - abbey motorsport
Supercharger kit manufacturer most famous for its forced induction systems for Honda specifically the
Civic, Civic Type R, Integra, Prelude as well as the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Ford Focus, Mazda
Miata MX5

Jackson racing specialises in supercharger conversion kits. Their site contains a comprehensive and interesting FAQ section. Jackson Racing supercharger kits are Eaton type which may not be as efficient as centrifugal types but the power gains offered are nearly identical to Procharger and Rotrex  while operating at similar psi. The prices of their kits are also cheaper the Ford Focus 2litre Zetec kit comes in at 2795dollars or approx 1550 pounds excluding fitting (depending on exchange rate).

Turbo Technics                    uk dealer - turbo technics
UK Manufacturer of Turbos and Turbo accessories. Also offer turbo reconditioning service under the turbo exchange brand name. Offer supercharger conversion for the Lotus Elise and MGF.

Vortech                   uk dealer - ns racing
Centrifugal supercharger manufacturer. Kits for BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche and VW Volkswagen.

VF Engineering                    uk dealer - ns racing
American developer and manufacturer of supercharger conversions using Vortech centrifugal
superchargers. Applications:
BMW E39, E60, E64, E38, E65, X3, X5, Z3 and Z4, VW Golf MK3, MK4, Jetta, Touareg, R32 and Audi A3, Porsche 911, 997, 996 and Cayenne.

Comptech                    uk dealer - ns racing
Supercharger conversions for Honda Vehicles

Performance part manufacturer specialising in Nissan cars and a bona fide competitor in the Japanese Touring Car Championship.  Nissan 350Z turbo kit, Nissan Micra Supercharger kit CR12DE, CR14DE, HR15DE.



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